7 Of The Most Environmentally Friendly States In America

No two states are alike in their dedication to environmental sustainability. While it’s true that some states take greater pleasure in their environmental quality, there’s always potential for improvement. Everyone want to reside in a region free of environmental hazards, where the air is pure and the water is drinkable.

However, not all states are as diligent in making sure these statements hold water. When it comes to environmental safeguards, some states fare better than others. Emissions controls and zoning laws can be more stringent in some areas than others. It may be challenging to determine which state is the “greenest,” but many states certainly stand out for their steadfast dedication to environmental protection.

infographic 7 Of The Most Environmentally Friendly States In America

7. New York State

The most environmentally friendly state in the Northeast and one of the top ten states in the United States is New York.

New York has adopted a proactive stance toward environmental conservation, which includes a number of programs intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has been aiming to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

A plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 was unveiled by Governor Cuomo in 2018. Energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, and carbon capture will be the four main areas of this plan’s concentration.

By 2025, up to 10 million zero-emission vehicles are expected to be produced in New York, according to the plan.

california state

6. California

The United States’ most populated state is California. Additionally, it ranks among the states with the best environmental practices in the nation.

California has a number of laws and rules in place to safeguard the environment. With order to aid in environmental protection, the state established a number of organizations, including the California Energy Commission and California Air Resources Board.

In addition to having one of only two states with a law restricting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, California has also established an Integrated Waste Management Board to increase recycling rates and lower the amount of waste disposed of in landfills.

5. Connecticut

Top 10 states for environmental friendliness include Connecticut. For its ecologically friendly policies and actions, it comes in at number 7 in the nation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Connecticut is the second-greenest state in the nation.

The nation’s third most sustainable state, according to Sustainia, and one of the top 25 clean energy leaders, according to the National Resources Defense Council, have both honored the state for its environmental initiatives.

4. Rhode Island

A new survey found that Rhode Island is among the top states for protecting the environment.

The EPA’s yearly report, which rates each of the 50 states on their environmental performance, was recently made public. Air and water quality, as well as the amount of renewable energy generated, were all factors in the EPA’s rankings. The air and water quality of Rhode Island are so high that the Ocean State is ranked fifth best in the US.

Contrarily, the EPA found that Rhode Island had not done enough to generate renewable energy.

3. Oregon

When it comes to protecting the planet, Oregon ranks high.

It’s no secret that Oregon has some of the country’s strictest environmental regulations. For many years, the state has set the standard for sustainable practices and renewable energy.

Because of its many forests and rivers, Oregon is a fantastic destination for eco-tourists.

For many years, Oregon has set the standard for the nation in terms of its use of renewable energy and other environmentally friendly policies. Because of its wealth of trees and rivers, it is a fantastic spot for eco-tourism.

2. Massachusetts

When compared to other states in the US, Massachusetts’s environmental regulations are the most progressive. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a leader in environmental legislation and sustainable practices. The state has passed legislation prohibiting the sale of plastic bags and requiring retailers to charge a nickel for paper bags to ensure that it is conserving its environment.

Flag of Florida

1. Florida

When it comes to protecting the environment, Florida is far and away the leader amongst the states in the USA.

The mission of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is to protect the health and safety of all Floridians. The Department’s mission is to promote environmental stewardship and safeguard the state’s natural resources.

The Department has several initiatives in place to help make Florida more environmentally friendly. These initiatives include:

  • Supporting small businesses and encouraging economic growth by offering Florida companies incentives to engage in renewable energy sources; raising public knowledge of the economy through educational initiatives like the “Green Economy Week” in October.

    promoting involvement in neighborhood environmental initiatives and activities; teaching youth about environmental sustainability through talks at schools and community centers.


  • Supporting media outreach initiatives that highlight various sustainability-related subjects will raise public knowledge of the environment.


  • utilizing the Florida Green Bank and Office of Environmental Policy to promote Florida as a hub for sustainability; forming alliances with other states to launch regional sustainability projects.


  • supporting government subsidies for environmental organizations and offering student internships.


  • publicizing the financial advantages of environmentalism through publications, gatherings, and webinars.


  • giving fellowships to students seeking degrees in environmental engineering, environmental science, and public policy in addition to sponsoring academic research projects that look at the financial advantages of green energy


  • establishing a program to promote the use of solar and wind power


There are many reasons why some states are greener than others. It could be due to the laws in place, the companies operating there, or just the general interests of the people living there. Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that not every state is as dedicated to protecting the environment as others. It is important to remember that as individuals, we can all make a difference when it comes to creating a cleaner, greener world.


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